Solid Mini Hackathon

Build interoperable applications with friends!

Solid March Mini-Hackathon

Welcome, and thank you for participating in the Solid March Mini-Hackathon!

Interoperability is core to making Solid successful. We want to be sure that applications can work together, even if the developer teams aren’t in communication.

That’s why, for this March Hackathon, we will provide participants with a set of ShEx shapes (see below). They are encouraged to use the shapes as a basis for their application.


Register for the Hackathon Here

Registrations will remain open even after the hackathon has begun.


All participants will be featured on the March 2024 Hackathon Hall of Fame, and first and second place will receive special badges. In addition, first and second place will recieve cash prizes.

Important Dates

Developer Tools

We encourage you to use one of the following developer tools. Each supports ShEx shapes.

ShEx Shapes

You may choose to use any ShEx shape you like, make modifications to shapes, or decide to build applications their own way. But, if you’re looking for a place to get started, see the shapes below:

Chat and get help

If you want to talk with other hackathon participants, join the hackathon chat channel.

Judging Criteria

Submit your Project

Once you have completed your project, Submit your project here.

Code of Conduct

This hackathon follows the Solid Code of Conduct.


This hackathon is organized by: